Negotiating SEVERANCE and Outplacement

**What are outplacement services? “Outplacement” means that your employer is paying. This section is for employer-paid services only.
If you are paying for yourself, click HERE. **

If you are a professional, manager or executive and think you are about to lose your job, read on to find out how to negotiate your severance with your employer and how to choose the outplacement services that are best for you.

The Five O’Clock Club can help you  improve your career, find new employment that’s right for you, start your own business, or figure out what you want to do during retirement. We have even helped consultants, part-timers and short-timers negotiate severance packages well in excess of what they expected.

If you want help with your negotiation, just call1-800-538-6645 and ask for David Madison. You can become a member, and he will assign you to an expert in severance negotiation. After a modest amount of counseling you may be able to get thousands of extra dollars in your pocket as well as participation in The Five O’Clock Club outplacement process. (Be sure to have your lawyer review the final agreement before you sign.)

To get you started, look at the following:

Fortune 500 as well as smaller corporations and not-for-profits have paid for their employees to use The Five O’Clock Club’s services. Maybe you can get your employer to give you the same kind of help. Read on!

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