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What is the Five O'Clock Club?

The Five O'Clock Club is a national outplacement and career counseling network with certified career counselors across the United States. We use a proven methodology--based on Twenty Five years of research. Some of our maxims and hints are on our Home Page. You'll find a different hint each time you enter the site.

We are a "members only" organization. Our methodology and our Lexicon were developed for our members.

Our counselors and all of our members speak the same language--our Lexicon. That's why they have quicker searches, have more freedom in their searches and are better able to help each other. Members study our books so they can distinguish the important parts of the search process from those parts that just seem important. For example, while search firms and ads are important, it is more important what you do after the interview to turn that interview into an offer.

Our search process is quick and intense:

The average Five O'Clock Clubber who receives regular career counseling finds a new job
within just ten weeks, as opposed to 8.1 months for the professional population at large.

Our methodology is available to everyone through:

  • our Club membership
  • our books
  • our network of career counselors.

Five O'Clock Clubbers get good jobs quickly because they take a professional approach to job search. Members study the textbooks as if they were in graduate school, reading a little every morning, a little every night.They mark the books up, and reread them because every page is packed with very important information based on our extensive research.

The Five O'Clock News allows our members to keep up-to-date on the ever-changing job-search market. How do you deal with voicemail? Should most people put their resumes on the Web? Club members get a handsome Beginners Kit and a one-year subscription to The Five O'Clock News. Many of our old articles can be found on this site.

Take a look around the site. We are still in the early development stage, and there will be plenty more to come. Do what our members do: first, study the books. Then you will be in a position to help each other. As we say at the Club: there's plenty for everyone, so why not show others the way?

We'll travel along with you, coaching you through the rough spots and helping you to capitalize on the smooth spots.

Good luck in your career, and God bless. Read on. --K.W.
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