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Achieving the Good Life After 50

Achieving the Good Life After 50 guides you through the retirement transition process using humor by applying The Five O'Clock Club methodology and real life stories.

Career Accelerator Book Set
Career Accelerator Book Set


For Executives Only: Applying Business Techniques to Your Job Search

an effective job search. This book includes case studies that executives in transition can use to learn from others' successes as well as the pitfalls experienced by other executives who tried to tackle the job-search process on their own.

Mastering the Job Interview and Winning the Money Game


Packaging Yourself - resume - medium
Packaging Yourself: The Targeted Resume


Shortcut Your Job Search: Get the Meetings That Get You the Job


Targeting cover - medium
Targeting a Great Career

Targeting a Great Career is the first book in our core book series. It starts by helping you identify your professional goals and improve your career by finding new employment or consulting work that’s right for you, starting your own business, or figuring out what you want to do during retirement.

The Social Media Boost

The essential book for HR. Learn how to mine LinkedIn for invaluable competitive intelligence that will inform and improve your organizational structure and staffing decisions. Improve your sourcing and vetting of talent, and enhancing collaboration within your enterprise.

WorkSmarts: Be a Winner on the Job

WorkSmarts: Be a Winner on the Job is written by our top coaches to help share their expertise and collective wisdom about what it takes to succeed. Work smarter, not harder, to get to the next step in your career.

Your Great Business Idea

Whether you are looking to open a small business, start a consultancy, or purchase an existing business, Your Great Business Idea is the only book you'll ever need to develop a sound and successful business concept that is right for you.