Turn Outbound Into Gaining Ground

The comprehensive Five O’Clock Club Outplacement™ solution delivers more of what really matters to power your outbound employees to get back to work faster and helps you protect your employer brand…without breaking the budget.


Offering outplacement to outbound employees at every level fosters goodwill and strengthens your employer brand reputation inside and outside the organization.

A bad reputation can cost a company at least 10% more per hire.

Harvard Business Review,
March 29, 2016


Investing in the future success of your employees in transition builds greater employer trust, lowers attrition and helps position you as an employer of choice.

69% of job seekers would not take a job with a company that has a bad reputation–even if unemployed.

Glassdoor Survey


Today’s job seeker wants tech tools. That’s why our programs deliver more coaching plus more cloud based training and tools to get your people back to work faster.

90% of Job Seekers use mobile in their job search.

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Discover how The Five O’Clock Club’s Outplacement™ comprehensive solutions can benefit your company.

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Real Coaching
not Real Estate

At many legacy models, skyrocketing real estate costs are driving shorter outplacement packages and squeezing out dedicated coaching.

We believe cubicles have never been less important and great coaching has never been more important. By eschewing real estate costs, we are able to provide MORE of what really matters across the board.

That means, you get biggest bang for your budgeted buck. We guarantee unmatched personalized outplacement support and deliver more coaching, more touch and more tools without breaking your budget.

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Smarter, More Human Outplacement

The Five O’Clock Club Mission is to help employers do right by their employees, no matter the circumstances.

We put people at the heart of everything that we do, and provide smarter outplacement resources, and more human career transition solutions to power your outbound employees to get back to work faster.

Every outbound employee is unique; their career search should be too. That’s why we don’t just give job seekers a generic map to the next job and wish them good luck. We guide them through every twist and turn along the journey to get back to work faster.

We apply a targeted, strategic, research-driven approach to helping people get back to work faster. Our 5-Step Method is proven to work with every twist of the job market, every new advent in technology, and every shift in business culture

Our 30-years-in-the-making secret sauce has been trusted by countless job seekers to open more doors and power career success. It works. And no one else has it.

We guarantee unmatched personalized support. We’re high touch from the get-go, contacting your outbound employees the very day you let them go.

Every outbound employee is personally matched with a Certified Coach to ensure compatibility. The right match means our clients see their coach as a strategic advisor, not just a resume editor. Our certified coaches aren’t slammed – they actually have time to listen, learn, guide and reveal the genius in every job seeker.

This high touch service continues with both private coaching and weekly strategic small groups.

Our HR partners appreciate the peace of mind that comes that knowing that they are doing the best thing possible for the individuals.

We have a treasure trove of proprietary materials and real-world interactive experiences that give job seekers a leg up: one-on-one coaching and weekly strategic small groups led by a certified coach are included in every package. That way, they’ll stay on track and attain their goals to get back to work even faster than they hoped.

Our secret sauce is backed by our 24/7 Resource Room which holds a deep bench of resources for almost any question our clients will think to ask, plus live webinars and in-person instruction, LinkedIn training, and collaborative resume writing.

Live Webinars & In-Person Instruction

Depending on their location, your outbound employees may be able to participate in our in-person Insider Workshop Series. Additionally, our live webinars will give them a chance to check in on a variety of topics and to hear what sorts of questions others have as well.

LinkedIn Training

Learning how to harness the world’s most powerful professional networking tool. We’ll make sure participants are telling the right story about themselves and their experience, and that their profile is keyword-optimized.

Collaborative Resume Writing

TFC has a unique approach to resume writing that will help individuals position themselves for a strategic result.

Employees will be able to explore the RESOURCE ROOM through our cutting edge RESPONSIVE PLATFORM and find modern solutions to age-old problems, timely advice, and practical perspectives pertaining to a wide variety of topics and industries. Our proprietary Resource Room is an ever-growing set of smarter tools.

  • Easy to follow TFC 5-Step Method learning module
  • The TFC Discovery Tool
  • Complete webinar library and podcasts
  • Access to TFC White Papers, Worksheets, Tips and Templates
  • TFC Blog Archive
  • My Job Search Favorites
  • Database access

We’ll place your outbound employees in strategic peer groups so they’ll get the support they need. And we ensure that these groups, led by a certified Five O’Clock Club coach, are relevant, positive, future-focused, with clear directives on the next step in their individual job search.

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Custom Programs to Match Your Needs

The Five O’Clock Club offers customized and scalable programs for every level of employment.

We qualify our coaches to work with individuals at four different tiers, starting with Tier 1: Staff and Managers and rising to Tier C: C-Level Executives. Only a handful of our coaches are qualified by us to work with the most senior executives.


tfc_outplacement_customprogramsWe have a short list of coaches that have worked extensively with people with disabilities. We work with the long-term disability programs at some of the major insurance companies. Helping individuals find a new line of work when they have become disabled from their previous line of work is challenging but very rewarding work.

For individuals who require services in a language other than English, TFC matches that individual with a private coach who speaks a common language, including: Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, German, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Punjabi, Marathi, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, and Taiwanese.

Along with our traditional outplacement offerings, TFC offers a customizable workshop option for tradespeople. For example, we created a custom workshop series that was applicable for warehouse workers being terminated due to a facility closing. This support consisted of a two-day workshop focused on crafting effective resumes, making the most of online job boards, and interviewing essentials. Our coach-facilitators tailored the working sessions to the specific needs of the warehouse workers. It was extremely well-received.


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Greater Transparency & More Reporting

We believe in accountability and transparency. We let you know exactly how your former employees are doing, and we don’t take anything back.

Our Client Success team hand writes reports to you on each individual that put in our trust, so you remain in the know. And, no one ever forfeits their hours. As individuals land, they are encouraged to use their remaining hours with their coach for onboarding advice. We provide reports on the progress of your former employees on a monthly basis.


Every member gets a personal success advisor in their corner. We personally connect with your outbound employees the very day they are let go, stick with them every step of the way and keep you in the loop.


Our solutions are backed by our team of personal success advisors who facilitate results-driven career transition support and services to our client organizations and their people every step of the way.


We let you know exactly how your former employees are doing, and we don’t take anything back. Our team of personal success advisors hand write monthly reports for you on each individual that put in our trust. And, no one ever forfeits their hours. As individuals land, they are encouraged to use their remaining hours with their coach for onboarding advice.

The Five O’Clock Club Delivers Success

We have powered the career transition success of hundreds of thousands of outbound employees across a variety of industries and organizations. You’ll like it. They’ll love it. We’ll prove it.


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