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Take Command Of The Process

It seems like employers hold all the cards, and all you can do is just search and ask and hope. But you’re smart, you have experience, so in your heart you already know this: it’s not about them, it’s about you. What you believe about yourself and your strengths and your transferable skills. And how you take command of the process. A successful job search isn’t asking, it’s offering.

When you become a member of The Five O’Clock Club, you join a remarkable group of engaged, ambitious, proactive, and highly trained people. We provide unmatched solutions — a step-by-step method that walks you through your job hunt with support, resources, and insights. You will work hard, learn a ton, and interact with smart, supportive people.

One result: a stronger, more strategic, more commanding you. Another: job seekers following our famous method find their dream job in as little as 10-12 weeks. Yet another: you will be ready not just for this career transition, but all of those that lay ahead in your career.


Negotiating Severance

If you are negotiating a separation package with your employer and have concerns about your transition, don't be afraid to ask for a transition coaching benefit to be included. For more information on negotiating severance and outplacement, please consult the following articles:

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So They Gave You Outplacement, But Are You Getting Real Estate or Real Coaching?

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