Partner/Spouse Reemployment


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about two-thirds of families with school-age children rely on dual incomes. Where map-of-united-statesthere are no children, both partners usually work.

According to a 2012 survey by Atlas Van Lines, a full 39 percent of employers say the spouse’s employment “almost always” or “frequently” affects a candidate’s relocation decision, and the percentage is higher at smaller firms. Forty-one percent of all firms offer outplacement help to the spouse or partner.

It is often a difficult decision for an executive to choose to relocate when his or her partner is then forced to quit a job without knowing the new location or how to find a job there. Offering Partner/Spouse Reemployment can make the difference in getting the senior talent you want.

Our personal approach to transition services makes the partner feel well taken care of. It’s usually best if we start working with the “trailing partner” before the new executive’s start date. This eases the transition and makes everyone feel assured that this step will work.  On the other hand, with no partner reemployment service, the couple will fear that the trailing partner will not be able to find employment within a reasonable time.

Offering outplacement assistance for spouses is often the best way to overcome candidate concerns. When both spouses are employed, they feel more comfortable in the new community and your new hire is better able to concentrate on the job and is likely to stay longer.

Be sure to offer outplacement assistance to the partners to increase your chances of getting the candidates you want.

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