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Beating the Bots: 9 Resume Do’s and Don’ts For Getting Past the ATS

ATS refers to applicant tracking system and is the technology that most human resource departments use to manage the hiring process. While it can be time-saving and cost effective for companies, it can be the bane of existence for job seekers. Consider this: You have the perfect skill set for a job and submit your application. You wait and hear nothing. Eventually you get a canned rejection letter. Why? You probably…

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4 Important Ways to Succeed in Your New Job

You wrote a captivating cover letter, aced the interview and got the job. Congratulations! But now is when the real nerves start to kick in. With an abundance of new faces to learn, information to absorb and challenges to tackle, starting a new job can be one of life’s most stressful events. While you may have a short grace period for getting up to speed, it’s important to show your commitment to succeeding in your position.

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Boost Your Own Morale: Staying Positive During Your Job Search

The typical job search can be very hard on the ego. You’re continually being judged, the value of your past experiences is in question and you may face more rejection than you’ve ever felt in your life. While that feeling is normal, it’s crucial you’re able to overcome the resulting self-doubt and move forward with your quest. Letting discouragement seep into the tone of your job queries or interviews will…

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Using Assessment Tools to Build More Successful Teams

Human resources professionals commonly turn to assessments to evaluate job candidates, or to help guide the development of current employees. But assessments can also be a powerful tool for building and developing a team, and the information they glean can help team members better understand how to work together optimally. “One common staffing challenge is how do you ensure that you’ve hired the right people,” notes Arturo Pagan, Deputy Director…

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Job Searching Over 50: Common Mistakes to Avoid

So many job hunting advice columns focus on those just out of college or professionals only a few years into their career. What if your years are a little more “golden” than that? Finding a new job at 50, 60, or older can seem challenging. There are many unique considerations that lead to common pitfalls. If you’re job searching later in life, you can still find the success you desire. The Five…

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Connecting Your Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Pitch

What do your resume, LinkedIn profile, and two-minute pitch have in common? Well, each of these items are crucial snapshots of your skills, experience, and career, and therefore are vital tools to use when you’re on the job search. By emphasizing your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and experiences, it allows you to position yourself when it comes to job interviews and informational meetings. In the digital era, LinkedIn has become a…

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How To Squash Your Job Search Stress

It’s easy to let stress get the best of you when you’re on the job hunt. On top of worrying about cover letters, resumes and networking, you have finances and a future to think about. But if you let stress take over, it can hinder your interview performance, ability to negotiate and even cause you to quit your search altogether. Job searching is stressful because you often feel like you’re…

Should An Office Space Affect Your Next Job Decision?

So you’ve found an amazing job at a great company and you’re ready to sign an employment agreement, but there’s one thing holding you back: the office space. Work environments and office orientations vary in countless ways, and if you’re going to spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in a given place, you’d prefer it to be adequate — if not enjoyable. If you take an office tour…


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