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For a Career Home Run, Keep Your Eye on the Consulting Ball

Want to hit a career home run? Keep your eyes focused on the consulting ball. The Five O’Clock Club career coaches agree that consulting can be one of the best ways to discover career success and reach professional goals. The job search landscape has changed, and this is a wonderful opportunity across industries. Even after the Great Recession, many companies — big and small — have opted to offer full- and part-time consulting…

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HR Automation and the Future

Automation is transforming virtually every industry, and human resources is no exception. But “human” is right there in the name! How can robots and technology have a positive impact on something that’s so people-oriented? Automation can streamline processes and limit risks, which is why it’s critical for anyone who works in HR. In order to advance your career and ensure you’re not deemed redundant due to the adoption of new…

Simple Strategies for Eliminating Pre-Interview Jitters

Preparing for an interview is exciting no matter if you’re a recent college grad looking for entry level positions or a seasoned C-suite executive. With the future full of possibilities, this new job just might be the ticket to reaching your next big career goal. You’re feeling great until a few days before the interview, then the interview nerves set in. Even industry gurus get anxious before big interviews. The problem…

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How to Interview: Think and Act Like a Consultant

Sick of the same old banter and outcome at interviews? If so, it’s time to change things up. One effective strategy is to think and interview like a consultant. Why? This method will make you much more powerful and calmer during the interview process, instead of sitting there hoping they’ll hire you and passively trying to answer the questions correctly so that you’ll win the big prize. Interviewing like a…

Top workplace distractions and how to avoid them

Technology has changed the way the business world operates by streamlining processes and facilitating communication. However, it has also brought new distractions that kill productivity, and at times, innovation. Pair this with the social aspect of the office, and at any given moment a worker is battling numerous hurdles to getting tasks done. The five biggest workplace productivity killers according to a CareerBuilder study are: Cellphones/texting The internet Gossip Social media…

10 Stress-Busters to Help You Sail Through Your Job Search

Money woes. A sense of rejection. Questions and pressure from family and friends. An uncertain future. If you’ve recently (or not so recently) lost your job, you know this dismal laundry list all too well. Attitude counts for a lot more than you might think. It’s important to stay positive and follow these suggestions from The Five O’Clock Club: 1. Realize it’s OK to be “between jobs.” Learn to ignore the inner…

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Earn Income Now While Keeping Your Long-term Goals in Mind

There may be a time in your professional career when you need to take a less-than ideal job in order to earn a living. However, it’s important to never lose sight of your goal. When things settle down — and they will — you will already have your foot in the door and be able to move your career forward. However, don’t make the mistake of getting completely sidetracked just to…

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4 Steps to Negotiating Anything

Negotiation is a given these days. If you know how to do it well, you’ll not only get a higher salary, but many other benefits, too. The Five O’Clock Club experts agree the four steps to successfully negotiate a competitive salary/compensation package include: Secure job interviews Eliminate the competition Get the offer Negotiate the salary and benefits During an interview, try to avoid sharing past salary information if possible. Most companies want…


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