3 Common Executive-Level Job Search Mistakes

C-level job seekers are unlike any other demographic. Once you hit an executive level, your job hunting landscape changes, and with it, you face unique challenges. What's more, executives may have more at stake when they make mistakes, so one misstep could have dire consequences. However, many of the best practices for your average-Joe job seeker still apply to leadership positions, and often the problem lies in how the executive is approaching their...

Don't Get Burned: Steps to Take Before Accepting a Job Offer

If you could do it all over again, would you accept the offer for your last job? For many managers and executives, the answer is no. The problem is many high-level employees don't do their due diligence in exploring the company's core values, culture, and opportunities before saying yes to a position. Hindsight is 20/20, but to ensure your next C-level job is one you never regret taking, these two steps...

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The Importance of Standing Up to Stereotypes

Suppose you are the only woman in a business meeting of 10 people. The vice president running the meeting is known for laser-sharp eye contact at his presentations. However, in this meeting, not once does he make eye contact with you. You begin to feel invisible and wonder why you were invited to the meeting. You become self-conscious and unable to focus on the discussion. Everyone has biases, whether consciously...

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How Spot Opportunities Can Advance Your Career

Spot opportunities can be the secret weapon in your job search. A spot opportunity indicates change is occurring in your company or industry, and your proactive efforts can put your career on the fast track to greatness. Here are several examples of spot opportunities: News that a company will go public. Part of the large influx of cash from the offering will likely go towards hiring talented personnel. Articles about major...

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Networking Mojo Starts with a Solid Two-Minute Pitch

  Many professionals attend association meetings to learn more about their profession, meet others within their same field or industry, and learn how they can advance in their own careers. However, it's common to feel a bit like a fish out of water at these events if you're not confident and comfortable with networking. The key to successful networking is a friendly, professional attitude and a polished Two-Minute Pitch. In...

Work with a Difficult Manager? These 3 Steps Will Help Improve the Situation

Do you work with a difficult manager? One that never crosses the harassment line, but is just generally unpleasant? From using offensive language to tearing people down, a boss that repulses you can make your professional life miserable. What can you do if you hate the person who commands your workdays? Consider these three steps to try to improve the situation. Step 1: Talk with HR Schedule a meeting with your human...

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How to Break Glass Ceilings and Embark on an Entrepreneurship Journey

Entrepreneurship takes skills, grit, and determination. Successfully branching out on your own is difficult no matter the industry, but it is possible, even if you have to break glass ceilings. A few years ago a Five O'Clock Club coach was invited to moderate a panel of speakers featuring three women who made the transition from the corporate sector to starting their own businesses. What's more, the businesses were involved in managing...

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5 Common Resume Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

Creating a high-quality resume is one part art, one part science, and a whole lot of work when done correctly. But when you're in full-on job search mode, mistakes can happen. These resume tips can change that. Some errors are so common that hiring managers see them on a daily basis. However, it's often these common errors that are the most costly. For example, it may not seem like a big...


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