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Ignore These 3 Common Job Hunting Myths

The rules of job searching have evolved tremendously over the last decade. These changes have fueled a lot of misconceptions that can hurt your chances of getting your dream job. Here are three common myths we hear from job seekers and the facts to set the record straight. Myth: Your resume must have a can’t-be-ignored objective. Many career coaches believe a resume objective is a dated concept, and recommend professionals skip that section completely….

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Is Resume Keyword Stuffing Killing Your Hiring Potential?

Keywords are an essential component of creating a great resume. Using them strategically throughout the copy is sure to help your resume rise to the top of the pile and impress the recruiter. However, many people take it too far. Keyword stuffing is a common pitfall for job hunters who often don’t even realize they are making the mistake. Cramming your resume with too many keywords is risky and has…

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How to Present the Perfect Amount of Ambition in Job Interviews

It’s important to have the ideal amount of confidence when job hunting and interviewing. If you can show you believe in yourself, and you have passion and skills to boot, you’re sure to capture the attention of the hiring managers. However, just like the delicate tasting notes must mix well to create the perfect glass of wine, it’s all a balancing act. Go overboard with your confidence and the result might be the…

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HR’s Important Role in The Future

The World Economic Forum says the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Every aspect of business is changing and we’re right at the cusp of experiencing the shift. “It’s a lot more difficult to predict and forecast and adapt to than the previous revolutions,” said Michael Leadbetter, founder of Greenshoot Edtech, at The Five O’Clock Club 75th HR Network Breakfast Seminar. “The reason is it brings together digital, physical, and biological aspects. And the…

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Career in Transition? How Good Are Your Technology Skills?

The majority of baby boomers did not start their professional careers in the digital world. Times have changed, and now we are surrounded by social networks, smartphones and Google. Individuals and companies that have not embraced technology will find it very difficult to compete in today’s global and wired world. Those who are in between jobs or looking for new opportunities often worry that they lack the needed tech skills…

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Achieve Your Goals with a Written Plan

A recent study at Dominican University found that those who are most successful in achieving their goals follow three steps: writing down their goals, sharing their goals with another person, and keeping that person updated on their progress. This person can be considered your job search partner. Remarkably, this is exactly what members at The Five O’Clock Club do. One of the most important steps they take to achieve their…

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Ace Video Interviews With This Expert Advice

For years Goldman Sachs visited elite schools like Harvard and Yale to interview promising undergraduates in person. Last year, the financial behemoth changed it’s recruiting methodology dramatically. Rather than offering campus visits, the company is opting to use a prerecorded-video platform called HireVue paired with new electronic screening tools for resumes. Goldman Sachs is far from the first company to embrace video interviewing. As businesses strive to cast a wider…

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Need a Job? Make Sure You’re Networking the Right Way

You’ve heard the theory: the more people you ask about job openings, the more likely it is that you’ll eventually stumble into an open position. So you reach out to everyone you know and get referred beyond this circle. But this kind of networking won’t get you much job search traction. Your outreach should be more carefully crafted and executed. Whether you’re talking to friends, or friends of friends or…


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