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Boosting Employee Engagement and Retention

  HR and company leaders today have a massive challenge: Make employees feel engaged in their job so that, even as other job prospects increase, their commitment to the organization remains steady and strong. This is essential regardless of the economic climate or job market landscape. So what are the most effective ways to influence employee engagement and job satisfaction? Utilizing Talent to Create Deeper Engagement Deloitte, in conjunction with Forbes…

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Quiz: How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

At The Five O’Clock Club, we like to say that the real work begins after the interviews, in the follow-up process. To stay sharp in this very important area, take a few moments to answer the questions in this fun quiz. After each statement, write an A for appropriate or I for inappropriate next to each question. Once you’re done, jump to the bottom to review the answers and see how well you…

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Which Job Search Expenses Are Tax Deductible?

Finding a new job takes a lot of time, effort, and often, money. During tax season you’re probably looking for as many deductions as possible. Fortunately, some of those job search expenses are allowable deductions. If you are looking for a new job that is in the same line of work and you are not taking a break between your last job and starting your search, you may be able to…

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A Fortunate Dilemma: Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers

Congratulations! While many job searchers may worry about securing one job offer, you ran an effective search and wound up with multiple. One of the biggest mistakes made by job searchers today is to go after only one opportunity, according to career experts at The Five O’Clock Club. But with many prospects in front of you, you’re more likely to find the right fit.

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Being Older and Unemployed Doesn’t Mean You Need to Retire

Diane Phillips spent most of her career in the creative field, first as a graphic designer, then as an agency owner and then as creative director for a global company. “The economic freefall in 2009 ended that last, great job in Rhode Island. Creative opportunities were disappearing and jobs in the Rhode Island area were scarce,” says Phillips. It was difficult to change careers, yet she felt fortunate to land…

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5 Common Mistakes When Laying Off Employees

  No one likes layoffs. It can be a tough decision when deciding to let people go, whether it’s one employee or a group of 1,000. HR has a multi-tiered role when laying off employees, starting with the initial planning discussions all the way through the offboarding process — and sometimes beyond. With so much to consider and so much at stake, many companies make mistakes during the layoff process. It’s…


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