Employee Termination: Best Practices for a Dignified Approach to a Difficult Job

by Jane Rubinsky, a journalist and Five O’Clock Club member The following article is based on a panel presentation at the 61st HR Network Breakfast Seminar, held on April 4, 2014, at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. Sponsored by The Five O’Clock Club, the HR Network is a vendor-free venue for HR › Read More

Meet a Fellow Member: Fred Nelson, President of People’s Choice Awards

In 2007, Fred Nelson addressed almost 200 human resource executives who attended The Five O’Clock Club’s 28th HR Networking Breakfast. Fred is a funny guy, and definitely belongs in show business. He had the audience roaring while he told the true story of his job elimination and his job search with the help of The › Read More

Testimonial about Five O’Clock Club Coach Nancy Karas

July 12, 2013 To: Ms. Kate Wendelton, PresidentThe Five O’Clock Club Dear Kate:I simply don’t know where to begin in letting you know how professionally and personally rewarding I found my experience working with my Career Coach, Nancy Karas. To say “she went way, way above the call of duty” is a major understatement and does › Read More

Guest Blogger: Chip Conlin, Certified Senior Five O'Clock Club Career Coach

Outplacement Hollywood Style (Forget the Hair Dye)

Recently, I saw a movie called “The Company Men” with the actors Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck and Chris Cooper playing the lead roles in a story about losing their jobs at a fictional shipbuilding company called GTX. Jones plays an executive with a close personal friendship with the company’s CEO; Affleck is a senior › Read More

A Kind Word Helps: Advice for Managers who Must Let Employees Go

Heroes come in all sizes, and you don’t have to be a giant hero. You can be a very small hero. It’s just as important to understand that accepting self-responsibility for the things you do, having good manners, caring about other people—these are heroic acts. Everybody has the choice of being a hero or not › Read More

The Outplacement Checklist: Help in Selecting an Outplacement Firm

Want to figure out which elements are important in outplacement services? We’re making it easy. Here’s a handy Outplacement Checklist to help you identify the services that truly help job hunters. We’ve indicated which services we provide job hunters and those that we avoid. Then you can make up your own mind. Allow people to › Read More

Outplacement Helps Job Hunters – and Their Families

“I used The Five O’Clock Club successfully three times,” says Manny Esteban, a personal banker at a major financial services firm, “because every time I got a better job, and a much higher-paying one.” At a recent Five O’Clock Club conference for senior level HR executives, Esteban recounted how he diligently used the Club’s methodology › Read More

Typical Flyer You Would Give An Employee

      click here to download flyer (PDF)

Human Resources and How to Let People Go

by David Madison, Ph.D., Director, The Five O’Clock Club National Guild of Career Coaches The Accountability of HR Outside the world of Donald Trump, the actual words, “You’re fired,” are probably seldom uttered in the workplace. There seems to be a very common desire to soften the blow when someone’s employment is being terminated; we › Read More

HR Speaks Out about Best Termination Practices

“There is nothing worse than being escorted from your place off work, a place where you have come day after day and given your time and your blood. You missed your kid’s soccer games to be there, and now they are saying to you, ‘You are so dangerous that you must be escorted from this › Read More

Just Lose Your Job? You May Be Better Off Than You Think

by Elizabeth T. Hill, Esq. Job loss—especially sudden, unexpected job loss—is traumatic. Part of the trauma is money panic: terror that you won’t have enough money to pay the bills. A few weeks or months of severance might soften the blow, but most people have lots of obligations—and too much credit card debt. Unemployment can › Read More

When Your Employer Cares About You

We are proud of our many HR customers who care what happens to their displaced employees. In fact, HR people can become heroes in their companies by telling their employers about the Five O’Clock Club outplacement program. We work with each employee for at least one full year, even if the person lands a job › Read More

Will You Get the Right Type of Outplacement?

Forget the desk and phone! There’s a myth in outplacement circles that a terminated employee just needs a desk, a phone and minimal career coaching. Our experience clearly shows that downsized workers need qualified, reliable coaching more than anything else. Most traditional outplacement packages last only 3 months, and the average job hunter gets office › Read More

Firing with Compassion — and Compensation — Outplacement is Even More Necessary in Today’s Workplace

by Kate Wendleton The firings will continue, but do they have to be so mean? When downsizing began a few decades ago, managers were advised to use a “surgical” approach when letting employees go. No warmth was shown for a person who spent twenty years working by your side. Back in the 1970’s, I knew › Read More

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