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It's Easy to be Matched with a Five O'Clock Club Career Coach to help you improve your career, find new employment that’s right for you, start your own business, or figure out what you want to do during retirement.  The Five O'Clock Club has hundreds of coaches nationwide who are focused on giving personal attention to your professional success. We're the "high touch" solution in this high-tech world. We need a small amount of information to adequately match you up with two career coaches. Give us a little time to do the matching. We will select coaches who are most appropriate for your salary range, field and reasons for wanting to work with a coach. You will receive a response within 48 hours. Call both coaches and choose the one you think is best for you.

All of our coaches are highly qualified and Five O'Clock Club certified. Fees generally range from $150 to $250 per hour. All of our coaches charge by the hour and most coaching is done by phone and fax. Discuss the fees directly with the coach and pay the coach directly.

Note: You must be a member of The Five O'Clock Club to request a coach.  Basic website membership is only $49 and includes the following benefits:

  • Our monthly newsletter containing information on career development and job search.
  • Access to the Members Only section of the web site, including an archive of our monthly newsletters.
  • Worksheets for career and job development.
  • Access to our 111-page Career and Job-Search Bibliography.
  • Access to How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search (large download)
  • Access to one-on-one coaching with a member of our Guild of Coaches (additional cost - rates vary)
  • Access to our weekly small group strategy sessions (additional cost - rates vary)

*Benefits subject to change without notice.

"The Five O'Clock Club product is much better, far more useful, than my outplacement package." -A Five O'Clock Club Member

"The Club meetings kept the juices flowing. You meet with people weekly, you're told what to do, what not to do. Job hunting can be very lonely. There were fresh ideas. I went through an outplacement service that, frankly, did not help. If they had done as much as the Five O'Clock Club did, I would have landed sooner." -Another Five O'Clock Club Member

MEMBERS: Please fill out the following Coach-Matching Form.

Note: The data you provide helps us personally match you with two career coaches.

(All information is kept strictly confidential. Our lists are never sold.)

Please call 1-800-538-6645, or in NY 212-286-4500 if you do not hear from us soon.

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The original Five O'Clock Club was formed in Philadelphia in 1883.

It was made up of the leaders of the day, who shared their experiences

"in a spirit of fellowship and good humor."

You ARE near a branch of The Five O'Clock Club!

Most of our coaching is done by telephone conferencing with a senior Five O'Clock Club consultant. You will be assigned to a group of your peers -- five or six people per group. (You must have a phone and email address.) Take a look at our section on attending Club meetings.

Before you speak with a career coach, be sure to read the books. Reading our books will save you time and money because you and the career coach will be speaking the same language. It only makes sense to read the Five O'Clock Club basics rather than have a career coach review them with you. You will get much more out of your meetings.


The world has changed. When I was looking for a career coach--back in 1978--there were very few. The company I was working for went through five downsizings! Even then I couldn't get career coaching, so I started The Five O'Clock Club to help myself and my friends with our careers.

Today, there are plenty of career coaches: in some states, virtually anyone can call himself a career coach. But how can you find a good one? (We'll match you up with two!) And why do you need a career coach anyway?

Why See a Career Coach?

I have coached some of my clients for a dozen years. In addition to the times when they are searching for a new job, ambitious people talk with a personal career coach once or twice a year for a "50,000-mile checkup"--the way people regularly see a dentist. They get help with:

  • How they're doing at work.
  • Managing the way their bosses view them (and most people have plenty of "bosses").
  • Getting along with their peers, subordinates and customers.
  • Upcoming performance reviews, so they can be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Playing the political game.
  • Whatever current situation bothers them, and
  • Developing a career plan and keeping it on track.

We can help one another find out the meaning of life. . . .

But in the last analysis, each is responsible for "finding himself." Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

When Working with Five O'Clock Club Coaches

Fees average about $150 per hour. Fee discussions are strictly between you and your career coach. We have a few junior career coaches who have passed our stringent training program but do not have many years of career coaching experience, and they charge only $90 or so an hour. We will match you with a coach who fits your pocketbook.

The first session usually takes one and a half hours because the coach does not yet know you. Assessment (deciding what you want to do with your life) usually takes anywhere from three to five sessions.

Whatever they charge, our coaches are not allowed to charge a heavy up-front fee--typical of firms that sell to individuals. Instead, our coaches charge on an hourly basis. The only exception to this may be a flat fee charged for a battery of tests (typically in the $500 range)--but you may not need that. We are able to help most clients by having them do the assessment exercises in our books.

A Five O'Clock Club coach will never ask you to sign a contract (e.g., for a package of 10 sessions, fee paid in advance). If you no longer want to use the coach's service anymore, you don't have to use it.

We would appreciate hearing your impressions of whether or not we should recommend this coach to others in the future.

"How much time does a typical member spend with a career coach?"

People who don't know what they want to do with their lives typically spend two to five sessions with a coach--providing they have already done the Seven Stories Exercise and the Forty-Year Vision (which are in our books). Doing the exercises will save you a lot of private coaching time.

After the "assessment," most people have a tentative career direction (a few fields or industries to research), a resume and perhaps a cover letter.

At this point, members who are near a Club attend the Club weekly and see their private coach every few weeks.

Members who are not near a physcial location of the Club can attend the Virtual Branch of The Five O'Clock Club for the very same Five O'Clock Club program and service in the same kind of small groups we have at our physical Clubs. Meetings are held by telephone conferencing with a senior Five O'Clock Club consultant.

Because we do not have a package rate, which would bind you to a career coach, the typical member will spend very little time with a coach, but it is important time.

For your part, make sure you are willing to make the necessary commitment. If you work with a coach for only a one-hour session to help you handle an emergency, do not expect that coach to come to know very much about you. If you decide to meet with a coach for a number of sessions, you are likely to learn more about the wonderful person you are, so you can figure out how you fit into this changing world. You will have increased self-esteem and increased effectiveness.

"How much will a typical member spend at The Five O'Clock Club itself?"

The average attendee has a new job within just ten weekly sessions. The average cost for those sessions is only $400, while career counseling firms charge $5000 to $7000. In addition to the seminar fees, each attendee must be a member of the Club, which costs $49. For this, they get a subscription to The Five O'Clock Newsletter that gets them up-to-speed quickly. They will need our books, but many people already own one of our books because we have been around a while. They do not have to buy our new books if they already have one.

"How does this fit in with what my college career development office or other association offers?"

Your alumni or other association probably offers excellent career-development help. But they cannot possibly help the hundreds of thousands of members that they have in their local geographic area, let alone those who are in other parts of the country. Our services supplement what they already offer--at no cost to the association.

"Who are your competitors?"

This is a big country and there is plenty of room for other career counseling services and approaches. We always want to do what is in the best interest of the client. That's you. Therefore, if another service is better for you, we would prefer that you go there and do what is in your best interests. In fact, if we think another service would be better for you, our Branch Heads will refer you to free or almost free services in their geographic areas.

Such services may include free government career counseling services, low-cost services offered by some universities, free church and synagogue support groups, and the like.

Other fee-paid career counseling services are offered by traditional retail career counseling firms. These firms deal with individuals instead of corporations--just as we do--and usually charge much larger fees. For example, many have to charge $5000 to $7000 up front, or $1500 for a two-day seminar. They have to charge high prices because of their office space and advertising costs.

"How do you keep your expenses down?"

We have no advertising expense and low rental expense. But the biggest reasons we are able to keep our expenses down are:

  • Our network of certified career coaches promotes and delivers our services.
  • You. You tell others about us and spread the word about our services.

Thanks for your continuing help.

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