For Individuals

The original Five O'Clock Club was formed in Philadelphia in 1883.
It was made up of the leaders of the day, who shared their experiences
"in a spirit of fellowship and good humor."

To attend, just call 1-800-538-6645.

Who Are Our Members?

You'll meet the most interesting people in the world--right at The Five O'Clock Club. Our members include orchestra conductors, producers and actors, nuns and ministers, people growing a wide range of consulting businesses and private practices, professionals and managers from every discipline and industry, those trying to break into the professional ranks, and of course, all those senior executives (40% of our members earn in excess of $100,000 a year).

As a group, Five O'Clock Clubbers are all alike: upbeat, ambitious, proactive, intelligent--and giving. They give at the Club by helping other members.

Be Inspired by Each Other

The garden is abundant. The job market is exciting. There is enough for everyone. Keep sharing and showing others the way. Inspire. Be inspired. And meet other interesting people at the Club.

The Five O'Clock Club Search Process

The Five O'Clock Club process, as outlined in our basic books and CDs, is a targeted, strategic approach to career development and job search. Five O'Clock Club members become proficient at skills which prove invaluable during their entire working lives.

Career Management

We train our members to manage their careers, and always look ahead to their next job search. Research shows that an average worker spends only four years in a job--and will have 12 jobs, in as many as 5 career fields--during his or her working life.

The keystone to The Five O'Clock Club process is in teaching our members an understanding of the entire hiring process. A first interview is only a time for exchanging critical information. The real work starts after the interview. We teach our members how to turn job interviews into offers, and to negotiate the best possible employment package.

Setting Targets

The Five O'Clock Club is action-oriented. We'll help you decide what you should do this very next week to move your search along. By their third session, our members have set definite job targets by industry or company size, position, and geographic location, and are out in the field, gathering information and making the contacts, which will lead to interviews with hiring managers.

Our approach evolves with the changing job market. We're able to synthesize information from hundreds of Five O'Clock Club members, and come up with new approaches for our members. For example, we discuss temporary placement for executives, how to handle social media, and how to network when doors are slamming shut all over town.

The Job-Search Strategy Group

The Five O'Clock Club meeting is a carefully planned job-search strategy program. We provide members with the tools and tricks necessary to get a good job fast--even in a tight market. Networking and emotional support are also included in the meeting.

Participate in ten small group strategy sessions in a row, to enable your group and coach to get to know you, and to develop momentum in your search.

Weekly Presentations via CDs

Prior to each week's teleconference, listen to the assigned CD presentation covering part of The Five O'Clock Club methodology. These are scheduled on a rotating basis, so you may join the Club at any time. (Note: Those few who attend physical branches hear lectures by a local career coach in person.)

Small Group Strategy Sessions

During the first ten minutes of the group coaching session, your small group discusses the topic of the week and the new hires report. Then you have the chance to get feedback and advice on your own search strategy, listen to and learn from others, and build your network. All groups are led by trained career coaches who bring years of experience to your search. The small group is generally no more than six to eight people, so everyone gets the chance to speak up.

The meetings are information-packed and action-oriented, move rapidly, and give you the tools and incentive to keep your search going.


You can network with other Club members at your meetings or network with over a thousand Five O’Clock Clubbers on LinkedIn after you have attended four small-group coaching sessions.

Private Coaching

You may meet with your small group coach -- or another coach -- for private coaching -- by phone or in person. A coach helps you develop a career path, solve current problems, prepare your resume, or guide your search. Please pay the coach directly (they charge from $100 to $200 per hour). All Five O'Clock Club coaches charge by-the-hour. You will discuss fees directly with the coach, and your private coach fees are paid directly to the coach. The Five O'Clock Club receives no portion of the fee you pay to the coach. Private coaching is not included in The Five O'Clock Club seminar or membership fee.

If you are a member, we will match you up with two career coaches who are right for you. This matching service is a benefit of membership, for which there is no charge.

If you are a member and would like to be matched up with a coach, please fill out the Coach Request Form on this site or telephone 212-286-4500

Before you speak with a career coach, be sure to read the books. It will save you time and money because you and the career coach will be speaking the same language. It only makes sense to read the Five O'Clock Club basics rather than have a career coach review them with you. You will get much more out of your meetings.

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