Employee/Executive Development

When to Use a Business Coach

Provide individual coaching to employees / executives to help them learn what shifts in behavior will enhance their business performance or prepare them for the next level. Click here for full web-based article.

We offer:

Strategic Thought Partners

Wouldn’t it be great not to have to figure out your human capital challenges by yourself? Why not consider an exploratory session with one or two of our business coaches. They bring a new perspective and have done this sort of analysis and deep thinking with many other organizations. Our coaches help you to analyze your situation, identify the core talent issues that may be keeping your business from realizing its performance potential, and help you develop appropriate solutions. They have a business background as well as a coaching background and know what it takes to develop people to drive the business forward. The solutions may be far ranging and may or may not include some of the services / programs listed below. Call 212-286-4500 and ask for Kate. She'll arrange to have one or two of our business coaches visit you.

An Overview of Our Retention-Oriented Business Coaching Programs

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Basic Intensive Business Coaching Program, ($5,500) THREE-MONTH program for:

  • newly promoted managers or mid-level new hires
  • high-potentials
  • those wanting to make a lateral move
  • those you want to reward or make an investment in

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Intensive and Extensive Business Coaching.
This ($13,500) NINE-MONTH program is:

Designed for high-performing employees and executives who may need to improve their performance in specific areas. We work closely with the employee, the HR Manager and the employee’s manager, to identify and develop actions to resolve issues. This program involves a 360 feedback assessment and other assessments, development of an action plan and ongoing coaching for nine months to address the core behavioral issues.

  • extensive basic assessment including satisfiers and dissatisfiers, relationship with bosses, and a Fifteen-Year Career Vision. Included in our book, Navigating Your Career.
  • 360-feedback (structured interviewing as well as computer-based 360 instruments, such as LSI 1 and 2. Additional instruments (such as MBTI) as appropriate.
  • ongoing coaching and feedback to insure permanent change
  • a written action plan, reviewed by a second coach
  • ongoing coaching and feedback to support identified changes
  • A mid-report and final report for HR

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Career Development Seminars to improve employee engagement and retention -- for all employees from the most senior on down.

Demonstrate to your employees that they have a future with your organization and help them to be more in control of their careers. We have delivered these seminars to thousands of employees -- from 2-hour seminars for every employee from the top down to 4 half-day seminars for selected groups. The basic program always involves assessment, which results in a career plan for each person and a sense of control over their future. Easy to implement and helps employees to see that you care about their future with your organization.

Leadership Coaching, Team Building and other services

Great change means great opportunity. Whether you are in HR or are a staff manager elsewhere in your organization, these are exciting times. People are a company’s greatest asset, and it’s time to make the most of your people. Employee performance and retention are the name of the game. In some surveys, 80% of employees say they will leave when the market gets better. By taking steps now that the economy is on the verge of recovery, you can prevent this from happening to your organization.

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