Executive Coaching

Invest In Your Executives

Invest in your executives to optimize their leadership skills and organizational results. The Five O’Clock Club offers programs that support executives in recognizing and addressing their leadership “blind spots” including how to:

  • Engage, develop, and support their staff to achieve results.
  • Effectively communicate and influence people to be able to accomplish their organizational goals.
  • Increase their leadership effectiveness at all levels of the organization.
  • Build relationships and navigate the organization’s culture.
  • Transition into a new leadership role.

Proven Process

Using Our Proven Executive Coaching Process, Our Coaches Support Leaders By:
  • Partnering with Human Resources, the Executive’s Manager and the Executive to define the coaching needs and assess progress.
  • Engaging with the Executive to Develop a Coaching Plan that identifies the actions to be taken and success measurements.
  • Coaching the Executive to Achieve the Success Measurements; providing support and feedback as the leader begins to develop new skills and behavior.
  • Developing a Transition Plan to continue the executive’s development.

3 Month Program

Coaching Situations Focus On Clearly Defined Issues:
  • On-boarding a new leader
  • Working more collaboratively with a peer or manager
  • Delegating to increase effectiveness

6 Month Program

Coaching And 360 Feedback About Multiple Issues:
  • Leadership effectiveness in their organization
  • Building relationships with managers, peers, and staff
  • Navigating company culture to achieve results

9 Month Program

Coaching And 360 Feedback On More Complex Leadership Issues:
  • Managing organizational change
  • Developing new strategies for the organization
  • Adapting to new leadership expectations

If you would like more information or to discuss our leadership coaching,  just email us at HR@FiveOClockClub.com, or call us at 212-286-4500.


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