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Dear HR Executive:

I hope you are spreading the word about The Five O’Clock Club and what we do for organizations that care about their employees -- both those who are staying and those they have to let go.

  • Perhaps you know us from our outplacement services. Almost 400 organizations have trusted The Five O’Clock Club to help their former employees, giving each employee an affordable outplacement package of at least one year! Some were major downsizings across the country, and others were just a few employees. Remember us for your outplacement needs.
  • Or perhaps you know us from our highly popular and informative HR Network Breakfasts, which have been attended by 2,215 separate individuals either in person or via video over the past 7 years. You can attend too -- no matter where you are!
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"We also offer the following career development services, all of which follow our research-based methodology and are priced far lower than other career development firms"

Great change means great opportunity. Whether you are in HR or are a staff manager elsewhere in your organization, these are exciting times. People are a company’s greatest asset, and it’s time to make the most of your people.

Employee performance and retention are the name of the game. In some surveys, 80% of employees say they will leave when the market gets better. By taking steps now that the economy is on the verge of recovery, you can prevent this from happening to your organization.

Both HR and executive management have a role in driving the required change and making sure every executive and manager has bought into the new direction, understands why it’s important, and knows what to do next.

The Return on Investment

Among the most pressing needs facing management today are the development and retention of top talent, as well as the development of methods to enhance managerial productivity. Consider some of the following programs, custom-tailored to your needs.

For Executives:

  • Employee Engagement Programs Using the Club's methodology, we help organizations identify gaps and opportunities, and then facilitate solutions that will help to increase employee motivation, retain top talent, and ensure alignment of employee efforts with Management's vision. Our approach is founded on our experience that employees are an organization's most valuable asset.
  • Leadership Development. Our offerings include both one-on-one and group training in Situational Leadership, training/assessment in Leadership Competencies, and, showing managers how to coach their staff to better performance. These programs result in better managers and leaders, and more effective organizations. In addition, Five O’Clock Club Executive Coaches, following our methodology, are expert at “difficult” employee relations issues, such as managing non-performers, giving candid but supportive feedback.
  • Executive and High Potential Onboarding:
    How well an executive transitions into a new company will impact your success. 50% - nearly half of new executives hired quit or are fired within the first 18 months at a new employer (Source: Corporate Leadership Council). The 5OCC Onboarding process for executives will enable the new executive to assimilate into the new company with confidence by focusing on three key areas:

    • Assessing their strengths and how to use them in the new organization. Used in conjunction with our book, “Navigating Your Career.”
    • Defining the company culture and working successfully in the new culture.
    • Establishing a common understanding of expectations using a manager assimilation process with the people in their organization.
  • Executive Coaching and Executive Development – a highly structured approach used by all of our Executive Coaches. Includes coach peer review. Used in conjunction with our book, “Navigating Your Career.” Ask for a detailed description of these programs.
  • Speech and Presentation Coaching for Executives (including presentation feedback)

For the Organization:

  • Career Development Programs for all employees - from the most senior on down.
    Help your employees see that they have a future with your organization and help them to be more in control of their careers. We have delivered these seminars to thousands of employees -- from 2-hour seminars for every employee from the top down to 4 half-day seminars for selected groups. The basic program always involves assessment, which results in a career plan for each person and a sense of control over their future.
  • Highly experienced Motivational Speakers get employees moving again!
  • Virtual Team Building Training and Coaching
    To stay competitive as well as to reduce costs organizations are embracing virtual collaboration. If managed properly, virtual teams can be smarter than traditional teams and ultimately more effective. And the complexities of communication over time, distance, cultures and space can be managed for increased results. This training with a coaching component will focus on learning how to be an effective leader of virtual teams.
  • Retirement Planning:
    Usually individual coaching but also delivered in workshops. For those who have a few years to go until retirement, those who have the option to retire, or those of a certain age who are losing their jobs and want to consider their options. This is a not a financial planning seminar. Instead, we help individuals determine their retirement activities, and what they have to do to make them happen. Used in conjunction with our book, “Achieving the Good Life After 50.”
  • Team Development:
    Consultation & Facilitation customized to suit your needs
  • Myers Briggs – MBTI for Teams:
    How an individual prefers to work influences how they work individually and in teams. The MBTI team assessment helps team members understand their own working preferences, those of the other team members and how the team is working together. With this information, teams can assess and increase their communication, problem solving and decision making processes.
  • For the Underemployed who are being held back because of incomplete and insufficient educational credentials: a 2-hour seminar entitled “Educational Options for Success,” which details credentialing for advancement and career change.

For International Employees and Businesses:

  • Cross-cultural training and coaching for international employees.
    According to studies, expatriates (natives of one country in professional positions in another country) are most in need of coaching (14-40% of assignments end early) and in fact get the least coaching of all groups studied. (Judge Business School, U. of Cambridge, 2008)
  • Accent Reduction and Language Skills Enhancement for International Clients (non-native speakers). Presentations such as “Sounding Good in English —Speech Tips for Non-Native Speakers.” As well as one-on-one coaching.

Please do call us to discuss your organization’s needs. You already know the quality of work we deliver and our affordable pricing structure. Now think of us for your leadership and other career development needs.

Remember: We have hundreds of coaches to serve you – the best in the business.

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