From Consultant to Full-Time: Job Hunter Cathe Neukum Reports at HR Breakfast

Cathe Neukum inspired others with her excellent job search. Many people wind up at The Five O’Clock Club because their employers provided this outplacement benefit when they lost or were perhaps going to lose their jobs. But others, like Cathe… Read more

Keep Your Eye on the Consulting Ball

One recent trend I have observed among several of our members has been the proliferation of part-time or consulting positions being offered.  And let’s be clear, these are real jobs with real opportunities!  In fact, we encourage members who… Read more


by Kate Wendleton, Founder, The Five O’Clock Club Fifteen percent of the attendees at The Five O’Clock Club are looking for consulting work as opposed to fulltime, on-payroll positions. Whichever you are looking for, the basic techniques… Read more

John Urdaneta

John Urdaneta: Finding a Job and Following a Dream

John Urdaneta had a proven track record of working closely with executives and partners as a consultant with a global professional services firm. A year ago, when he became aware of a new company policy to begin cutting back on the use of… Read more

Thinking of Having Your Own Business? Start with The Seven Stories Exercise and Lots of Research

Your Great Business Idea by Kate Wendleton. Fifteen percent of those who attend the Club start their own businesses. Many become consultants. For example, an actor who attended the Club became a presentation coach for senior executives. Some… Read more

Negotiating a Consulting or Freelance Assignment

Being a Consultant or Freelancer All positions are temporary. You may receive a W-2 form at year-end, or you may receive a 1099—but no work you do is permanent. However you are paid, make sure you are paid fairly. And make sure you are gaining… Read more

Thinking Outside The Box With Work Scenarios

by Ruth Robbins and Karen D. Bowser, Certified Five O’Clock Club Career Coaches A few lifetimes ago people didn’t have to give much thought to Plan B when they thought about their career, if they thought much about their career at all. Out of… Read more

The New Normal: Employee, Consultant and back again

by Kate Wendleton For decades, we have been reminding clients that all positions are temporary. You may receive a W-2 at year-end, a 1099, or both—but no work you do is permanent. Sometimes, a consulting assignment turns into an on-payroll… Read more

Going for Jobs, Consulting and Career Change

By: David Madison, PhD, Guild Director Keeping the Big Picture in Mind: Aiming for 200 Positions Matthew’s hard work at the Five O’Clock Club resulted in his landing a CFO position at a private investment company. He was able to report his… Read more

On Your Own: Becoming A Consultant In Your Own Field

A new business is like a little baby. You need to nurse it along, watch it every second, know that it’s going to burp and cry. You have to figure out what’s wrong and take care of it. Fifteen percent of those who attend the Five O’Clock… Read more

Consulting: the Perfect Companion to the Job Search

by Jill Abel Searching for the perfect job can be frustrating, time consuming and financially taxing. Indeed many of us take less-than-perfect jobs because we are tired of the search, need money, or just want to stop friends and family from bugging… Read more

Project Consulting -An Option In Career Management

by Jane Hyun Senior Career Consultant, The Five O’Clock Club Have you ever toyed with the idea of “taking time off” from corporate America? Or trying a new way to give your career a boost? There are, in fact, several reasons that people have been… Read more

Consider the Options: The “Temp” Route

by Ellis Chase Career consultants sometimes advise the “executive temp” route, the “try and buy” routine or just plain “consult and hope something develops” as short-term alternatives to a permanent new job. Unexpected and unfamiliar options to… Read more

PUBLIC RELATIONS TIPS for your small business

by Steve Bolerjack In working with the Five O’Clock Club on public relations issues during the past few months, I’ve learned many members are associated with smaller businesses–either as owners, consultants or freelancers. As a small business… Read more

Should You Think of Yourself as a Permanent Employee Or a Temporary Consultant? The Answer May Lie in Your Severance.

by Kate Wendleton Jim landed a great job with a large financial services company. The firm was starting a new technology effort and wanted him to be a key player. The base pay of $100,000 a year was more than he had made before, and he would learn… Read more

Consulting: A Desirable Alternative How to Assess Whether Consulting is Right For You

by Mary Halland So, you want to be a consultant? That is the question I was asking myself a year ago. I had just been downsized from a corporate job I had found, at best, uninspiring. Now, I am thrilled with my career as a consultant in project… Read more

What To Expect Your First Year as a Consultant: Develop an Expertise . . . Market Yourself . . . Field Job Offers

by Mary Lynn Halland My first article on page 3 discusses factors to consider if you are contemplating becoming a consultant. It also looks at suggestions for establishing your business. Now, you have perhaps decided to embark on the consulting… Read more

How to Handle Consulting, Freelance, Temporary or Non-Paid Work on Your Resume

by Kate Wendleton Work is work. Experience is experience. It does not matter whether or not you were paid, or how you were paid–on payroll, as a consultant or through an intermediary firm. If you are performing work for a certain company but… Read more

Being a Consultant or Freelancer

by Kate Wendleton, Founder, The Five O’Clock Club All positions are temporary. You may receive a W-2 form at year-end, or you may receive a 1099–but no work you do is permanent. However you are paid, make sure you are paid fairly. Make sure you… Read more

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