Who We Are

The Five O'Clock Club has a pristine reputation for caring about individuals and the community. Our mantra is that "we always do what is in the best interest of the employee / job hunter."

Even our name proves that we are interested more in the individuals we serve than in the organizations that may be paying for that service.

Individuals who are paying on their own will find that ours are the most reasonably priced programs on the market. This is part of our community service.

Organizations that care about their employees -- those who are staying and those they are forced to let go -- choose us because they know their employees will get the best help possible.

The Five O'Clock Club is the Thought Leader in both career development and outplacement. We are the only organization that has consistently done research on behalf of the employee / job hunter for over 25 years. We are the only organization that uses a research-based methodology refined over all of these years. We are the only ones that has produced our own books, CDs and other learning tools based on research -- and not the vanilla approach that most organizations use.

We attract the best career coaches in the industry and they are all certified by us. It's not enough that a coach may have 10 or 20 years of career coaching experience. If someone wants to coach for the Five O'Clock Club, he or she must go through our grueling, four-month certification program to un-learn what they think they know based on their own experience. They must learn what the research shows. They must prove that they have mastered our methodology by taking three open-books tests, doing two before and after resumes that we grade, delivering a fifteen-minute presentation on some aspect of The Five O'Clock Club methodology. They must observe ten small-group coaching sessions and write an essay about what they have learned, and keep up their certification with us by attending additional seminars every year.

Our coaches agree that, despite the many years of experience they may have before they came to us, they became far better coaches once they have learned our methodology and the research it is based on.

We publish a monthly magazine to help professional, managers and executives stay current with their career development and job search needs. Our coaches deliver speeches in their communities to make our methodology available to those who might not otherwise know about it. This, again, is part of our community service.

And we provide hundreds of articles for FREE on this website to help those who are not able to get solid career development and job-search advice elsewhere. Especially important is the Minicourse in the How to Find a Job section. This important information is available for free to anyone who has access to a computer.

We are on your side. As life has its ups and downs, know that we are still here, doing what is in your best interests, and knowing that we can make a decent living without taking unfair advantage of you.

We truly believe what we say in every issue of our magazine and on this website:

The Garden of Life is abundant, prosperous and magical. In this garden, there is enough for everyone. Share the fruit and the knowledge. Our brothers are we are in this lush, exciting place together. Let's show others the way. Kindness. Generosity. Hard work. God's care.

That may sound a bit soft, but we present a metrics-based, highly intelligent approach to career development and job search. Even with all of this intelligence, we can still be kind and helpful to each other. This is your respite from the outside world. This is your opportunity to improve your career with the help of people who will get to know you and care about you. So let us take the journey with you and we hope you stay with us for decades, as so many others have.

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