Dear Five O’Clock Clubbers:

Welcome to my blog. When I first approached Kate Wendleton and The Five O’Clock Club about hosting my blog on our newly designed website it was with the intent of providing timely information to people beyond those I see on a weekly basis. I wanted others to see first-hand what our meetings are really like.  In fact, I am counting on those I know to share this blog with friends, colleagues or others who might benefit from attending Five O’Clock Club meetings.

Club News. Even job hunters deserve a vacation, as well as our hard working coaches, so let me remind everyone that we do not meet next Monday, August 16. However, we will resume our branch meetings the following Monday, August 23.

Back to that Five O’Clock Club Interview! I am always reminding members our weekly meetings should be viewed as important as going on informational meetings, attending job fairs and professional meetings, and even going on interviews. After all, the techniques and experiences we share each week are as much an integral part of your job search. With this notion in mind, the topic of the week will be “Handling Difficult Interview Questions” when we resume our meetings on August 23. The Five O’Clock Club approach is to focus on how to take control of the interview by becoming adept at handling all types of questions, especially those that if not handled well could end up sabotaging your chances of getting the job. After you listen to this presentation, I am confident that you will come away with some proven techniques to handle questions strategically and not fatalistically, handle questions with confidence, and be better able to prepare for an interview so you are not derailed by certain questions.

A Point to Keep in Mind. You never want to lie about something in your background in an interview, but having the compulsion to “tell the truth” could bury you. Therefore, a bit of ingenuity goes a long way in how you handle questions without doing yourself in. For example, if asked the question what led to your leaving your last position rather than saying “Management just didn’t care about people and to save their own necks laid off a whole bunch of us,” a better approach would be to say something to the effect “After a major change in management and a new strategic direction, it became apparent to me that opportunities for advancement would be limited.  After several meetings with my management, we both agreed it would be to my advantage to pursue opportunities outside of my company.”

You Deserve a Break! Lastly, enjoy your week off from the meeting, and give yourself a well-deserved break from the weekly task of sending out letters, making follow-up calls, and figuring out what more can you add to your Marketing Plan. However, I encourage you to keep some level of job search related activity going so you do not lose all the good momentum you have made to this point. Research some more companies and contacts you want to meet, or reach out to others in your small group for feedback on a letter or resume on which you have been working. Remember, August is a great time of year to seize on all those opportunities that other job hunters are missing because they have simply shut down their searches altogether.

Thank you for logging on and if you have any thoughts or pointers regarding job search that would be helpful to other members please feel free to share them. As always, I look forward to our meeting on August 23, and just so you have it below are some more of our upcoming meetings:

Aug 16 – Summer Break – No Session Scheduled

Aug 23 – Handling Difficult Interview Questions

Aug 30 – The 5OCC Approach to Job Search

September 6 – Labor Day – No Session Scheduled

September 13 – How to Turn Job Interviews into Offers

September 20 – Developing New Targets for Your Search

September 27 – Four-Step Salary Negotiation Method

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Chip Conlin

Five O’Clock Club Master Coach and Coach Supervisor

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